Gigasheet makes it easy to add context to huge log files or other lists of IP addresses. Using the Gigasheet OSINT Enrichment you can quick check the top OSINT threat intel feeds for IOCs over the last 60 days. 

1. Click the column menu and select Enrich. Note: the column must contain IP addresses only.

OSINT Feed Enrichment

2. Select OSINT Feeds from the list of enrichments, and click Enrich Data.

3. A response will appear in new columns immediately to the right of the IP address column selected in step 1. The first column will be the number of hits over the last 60 days, and the second will be a list of the feeds where Gigasheet found a match.

Very large data sets make take a few seconds to process. You can continue working in Gigasheet while the enrichment is running.