You can provide anyone with View Only access to your files. Once enabled, you can send the URL to your file to anyone for viewing.


How to Share Files

There are two ways to share your file:

1. You can now share your file with specific users, who will be notified by email and will be able to collaborate on the same file with you to enrich, filter, and perform other analysis actions. Share within a sheet by clicking the Share button at the top of your file, as shown above. You can optionally enter email addresses to notify specific people and special permissions those people should have. 

2.  Share from the Files Library by clicking the three dots next to a file and selecting Share from the options.

Viewing Shared Files

To view files that have been shared to your Gigasheet account, navigate to your library and select "Shared with me" 

Important notes:

  • Anyone with the link will be able to see your file.
  • Users with the link will be able to see the latest filters, formats and any enrichments.
  • Users may save a copy of your data to their account, and then export the data set.
  • You can disable the link at any time to remove access to your file.

How to Share Folders

You can also share an entire folder, allowing your collaborators to add new files as well as work on files in the folder. To share a folder, navigate to Your Library > Select folder to share > Share