Email enrichment allows users working with a list of email addresses to quickly validate and verify large lists of email addresses. There is no additional cost to use this enrichment.

Email cleanup, validation, and enrichment

How To Enrich A List of Email Addresses

Gigasheet Email Enrichment executes the following:

  • Determines if the email is well formatted
  • Isolates the email address domain
  • Looks up the Alexa traffic rank of the email address domain
  • Determine which domains originate from organizations versus from free consumer mail services or disposable email services

1. Ensure at least one column has a list of email addresses. Click Tools -> Enrichments

Email Verification

2. Choose the column name containing the email addresses. In this case, the email addresses are in the "Email" column

3. Select Enrich Email and click Apply

Enrichment Results

This results in 4 new columns added to your dataset: the Format, the Domain, the Alexa Rank, and the Disposition

Email Validation Results 

The Format column checks to ensure the email address is legitimately formatted. A filter here for INCORRECT can remove malformed contacts. 

The Domain column will split the email value and identify the address domain. So results in, returns, and so on. 

The Alexa Rank compares column takes that domain and compares it to the Alexa 1 million domain ranking (the most recent version can be found here). The lower the number, the higher on the list, and therefore the more trafficked the site. So returns 1131, returns 131517, returns 4, is 311646, and so on. 

The Disposition column labels the type of domain as an Organization or as Free. The or or domain would each return Organization; the or or would return Free.

The results of these four columns can be used in any follow-on Gigasheet workflow, to include filters, groups, pivots, and exports.   

How To Verify A List of Email Addresses

Email verification uses the Abstract API service. A free API key is available at The free key allows for 100 email address verifications per month. More information about Abstract, including options to perform larger queries, is available at

1. Ensure at least one column has a list of email addresses. Filter your dataset down to the email addresses you want to verify. Note that the verification only applies to email addresses in the current result set, not the entire sheet. Click Tools -> Enrichments

2. Choose the column name containing the email addresses. In this case, the email addresses are in the "Email" column. 

3. Select Verify Email and add your Abstract API key. Your Abstract API key can be found on the Abstract API landing page


4. Click Apply

Verification Results

Gigasheet will call the Abstract API (this might take time if it's a large call) and return two new columns: DELIVERABILITY and QUALITY SCORE. 

The Deliverability column will display Abstract's evaluation of the deliverability of the email. Possible values are DELIVERABLE, UNDELIVERABLE, RISKY, and UNKNOWN. 

The Quality Score column displays an AbstractAPI decimal score between 0.01 and 0.99 reflecting Abstract's confidence in the quality and deliverability of the submitted email.    


These values are now present in your sheet, and remain available for all further Gigasheet actions.