Enrichments: Email Format & Alexa Rank

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The Email Format & Alexa Rank enrichment allows users working with a list of email addresses to quickly validate the format of large lists of email addresses. In addition this enrichment categorizes free/consumer email addresses, spam and temp mail accounts, as well as corporate and organizational addresses and provides the Alexa traffic rank for the domain.

Each row enriched consumes 1 enrichment credit.

Enrichment Response

  • Format - Determines if the email is well formed and a valid format
  • Domain - Isolates the email's domain
  • Alexa Rank - Provides the Alexa traffic rank of the email address domain
  • Disposition - Determines which domains originate from organizations versus from free consumer mail services or disposable email services

Each row enriched consumes 1 credit.

How To Get There

Login to Gigasheet > Open a Sheet > Enrichments > Email Format & Alexa Rank

Next select the the column containing email addresses.


The Results

Gigasheet Email Format & Alexa Rank results in 4 new columns added to your dataset: the Format, the Domain, the Alexa Rank, and the Disposition

Email Validation Results 

The Format column checks to ensure the email address is legitimately formatted. A filter here for INCORRECT can remove malformed contacts. 

The Domain column will split the email value and identify the address domain. So elon.musk@tesla.com results in tesla.com, jbiden@whitehouse.gov returns whitehouse.gov, and so on. 

The Alexa Rank compares column takes that domain and compares it to the Alexa 1 million domain ranking (the most recent version can be found here). The lower the number, the higher on the list, and therefore the more trafficked the site. So cisco.com returns 1131, blackstone.com returns 131517, facebook.com returns 4, clorox.com is 311646, and so on. 

The Disposition column labels the type of domain as an Organization or as Free. The gigasheet.com or nytimes.com or exxon.com domain would each return Organization; the gmail.com or yahoo.com or outlook.com would return Free.

The results of these four columns can be used in any follow-on Gigasheet workflow, to include filters, groups, pivots, and exports.   

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