The IF/THEN functionality in Gigasheet is a logical function that allows you to test a condition and perform a specific action based on the result. The function checks whether a condition is true or false and then returns a value or performs an action based on that result.

How to use If/Then 

Step 1: Go to Functions and select "If" from the dropdown

Step 2: Input the necessary fields as shown below: 

New Column Name: The new column header/name you would like generated based on the Condition Groups

Condition Group:


   Column: Select the original column the "if/then" functionality will be based on

   Operator: Select the operator based on Column. 

   Value: Select the specific value the "then" statement will be based on

   Then: The original value that will be replaced in the new column 

   Else: The new value that will be generated in the new column in place of the "THEN" value