Users can create new columns in Gigasheet using spreadsheet-like formulas.

Note: Gigasheet formulas are different from formulas in a typical spreadsheet, in that they operate on an entire column of data. In a typical spreadsheet, formulas can be entered in any cell, and reference any other cell in the sheet. In Gigasheet formulas are apply the same operation to every row in the sheet. 

How to get there

You can find these operations under the menu item Functions > Formula.  Alternatively, you can click the + icon on the top right of your sheet.

Supported Formula Functions

DescriptionFormula Example FormulaExample InputExample Output
SUBSTITUTEReplace all occurrences in the array of the find string with the replace string.
SUBSTRING(text, search_for, replace_with)SUBSTITUTE(company_col, "inc", "Inc.")Gigasheet incGigasheet Inc.
CONCATMerge values from various ranges and/or strings.
CONCAT(value1, value2, ...)CONCAT(user_col, "")
LEFTRetrieve values located on the left side of a text value.LEFT(text, num_characters)LEFT(text_col, 4)
Gigasheet RocksGiga
RIGHTRetrieve values located on the right side of a text value.
RIGHT(text, num_characters)RIGHT(text_col, 4)Gigasheet Rocksocks
IFReturn one of two outcomes depending on the given conditional.IF(boolean, value_if_true, value_if_false)IF(temp_col > 80, "High", "Low")100High
ANDReturns true when all given inputs are true and false otherwise.AND(boolean1, boolean2, [boolean3, ...])AND(temp_col > 80, temp_col < 90)100False
ORReturns true when any of the given inputs is true and false otherwise.OR(boolean1, boolean2, [boolean3, ...])OR(temp_col > 80, temp_col < 90)100True
NOTReturns true when the input is false, and false otherwise.NOT(boolean)NOT(temp_col > 80)100False
ISBLANKReturns true if the input is null or blank, and false otherwise.ISBLANK(boolean)ISBLANK(text_col)somethingFalse

Looking for something? Let us know what formula you'd like!