Editing Columns:

You can edit data in columns in two ways: 

  • Editing the Value
  • Applying a Function

Editing the Value

You can edit cells by double clicking the cell and typing in a new value. Simply press enter to save. 

Apply a Function

You can apply functions to create new ones. For example, if we have two columns containing costs and revenue, and we want a column for the total profit, we can not edit these columns directly to calculate this, but we can apply an arithmetic function to calculate this. Once doing so, a new column will be created. See this article for more information on functions.

Renaming Columns:

To rename a column, simply click on the column header, select rename, input your new desired title, and hit save. 


Delete Columns:

To delete a column in gigasheet, simple click on the column title for the column you wish to delete, and select the delete option. Please note, once a column has been deleted, you can not get it back. Only delete a column if you are sure you will never need or want the data again.

Hide Columns:

To hide a column, or manage hidden columns, select the “Columns” icon on the right hand side of the page. From there, a menu will appear in which you can select and unselect column titles. Doing so will hide the data from the sheet, and will exclude the data from any functions or groupings you do to the dataset. If you hide a column, and later decide you want it back, simply go to the columns menu (by clicking the icon in the right hand corner), and re-check the column title you wish to be visible again.


Rearrange Columns:

There are a few ways to rearrange columns in Gigasheet. The first is to simply select the colum title of the column you wish to move, and drag it to it’s desired location. With many columns, this can be a bit tricky. Another way to move columns is by selecting the columns menu in the top right corner. Then simply drag the columns to their desired locations. 



To resize a column, simply hover over the right or left side of the column title. Then, click the side you want to extend. Drag the cell to your desired width, and all cells within the column will adjust.


Wrap Text:

Wrap Text is a feature that shows all information in a cell, even if it overflows the cell boundary. To apply this function, simply select the column title of the column you wish to apply the function to. Then, simply select the “Wrap Text” option from the dropdown menu.