The Custom Enrichments function in Gigasheet allows you to add data to an existing sheet via a third party service based on the value being enriched. You can enrich data from any third party HTTP service that accepts cURL requests. Here are just a few use cases: 

  • Enrich an IP address with location information
  • Fetch company attributes like name, address, sector, and industry.
  • Use Google Maps to geocode an address. 
  • Find the current stock price of a ticker symbol
  • Verify phone numbers to improve your telemarketing campaigns and comply with federal regulations

To use custom enrichments, you must first obtain a sample cURL functioning request from the third party service. For this documentation, we will use the free HelloSalut service, which returns information on how to say Hello in the local language of where the IP address is located.


Steps to Configure a Custom Enrichment

Step 1: Log into Gigasheet and open the sheet you wish to enrich. Ensure that the data in the sheet can be used in the Enrichment source. For HelloSalut, we need IP Addresses:

Select the Functions > Enrichment tab, and choose Custom Enrichment.


Step 2:  Paste in the cURL request from the Provider documentation. 

Step 3: On the next screen, insert the column variable from our Gigasheet sheet for the IP Address parameter. This is done by 1.) highlighting the text in the input, 2.) selecting our desired column, and 3.) clicking +Insert.

Note the text has been replaced with a variable, to be used in calling the service. Then click Test.

Step 4: In this screen we see a preview of the results. Gigasheet makes requests for the first three rows and shows the Provider's response. Select the Field Names you want to be inserted into your sheet as new columns.

Step 5: The response time will vary depending on the service. Once completed, Gigasheet will send a completion toast as well as an email. The result will show new columns based on the values of the column chosen for enrichments.