You can quickly create basic graphs and charts in Gigasheet using a range selection. Graphs and charts are best used in conjunction with Groups and Aggregations


Chart Rules and Consideration

  • Data must be numeric to be charted. This could include data uploaded as Numbers, or grouped aggregations. For more information on groups, click here. For more information on aggregations, click here.
  • Only data shown on the first 1000 values will be shown. 

How to Chart Data

1. Ensure your data is in the Number type format. This could mean one of the following might be needed: 

    a. Changing the data type to "number" by going to Data Cleanup > Change Data Type > Select a designated column and "number". For more information on this, click here.

    b. Applying a aggregation on a row or a group. For more information on this, click here.

2. Select the Chart Data tab, or right-click to view the context menu and select Chart Range. 

Customize Charts

You can customize the graph, including formatting by clicking the down carat to the top right of the graph.

Export Charts

To export a chart, select the download button on the side: