Gigasheet makes it easy to save a filter for later use, either in the same sheet or in different sheets.

Imagine every month you get a report on sales activity. Every month, you want to run the same complex filter. Instead of recreating it every month, simply save the filter for later use. 

Saving a filter:

Loading a saved filter:

Steps to Save and Load Filters

First, build out as complex a query as you need:

Then, before hitting Apply, click Save in the top right. You'll be given the option of naming the query 

Click that blue check box, and your query will be saved. 

You can then apply your filter and continue your analysis. 

To rerun that query at a later time on the same sheet, or even on a different sheet, you'll open the Filter builder and click on your saved filter dropdown list 


If the columns in the saved query are present in your current sheet, your query will load into the Filter box.


You can then apply the filter, or modify the filter as need be, as you continue your analysis.