When uploading a file, a variety of errors can occur if the file is not formatted correctly. Below is a list of errors that could be received upon uploading a file. 

Error Type
Error MessagePossible Solutions
Parsing Errors

- Parsing failed on record

- Gigasheet could not identify a parser for your file 

Parsing errors can occur for a multitude of reasons.
Gigasheet supports 17,000 columns, flattening JSON files can lead to "wide files" occurring. Sometimes a JSON file ends mid-array or a malformed data record. Review you data for proper format. 
ZIP/Archive  Errors

- zip: unsupported compression algorithm

- zip: not a valid zip file

If this error occurs, please attempt to unzip your file and reupload it.

This can also occur when a third-party program/software is used such as 7-zip. 
File Errors

- file exceeds the max number of columns: ____

- File is empty

- Error creating table

- Unsupported file type
File exceeds columns could indicate a problem within a JSON file. Each nested value may get parsed as a separate column value, which can cause the # of columns in a file to increase. 

The file is empty indicating nothing exists on the file. Please open the file in its native format and review if values appear.

Unsupported file type means a file type was uploaded that is not support. Review file types articles 

Encoding Error

- Your file appears to be encoded in _________, but Gigasheet does not yet support this encoding, so please try converting the file to UTF-8 and uploading again

Review encoding error (break those two articles out) 
Archive  Errors (merge)

- Nested archives are not supported

- Archives that contain encrypted files are not 

-archive exceeds 100 file limit 

- archive exceeds 100 file limit: cannot zip over 100 files

- Internal Server Error

- Contact Gigasheet support if this occurs 

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