Supported File Types and Encoding

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr at 12:36 PM

Gigasheet supports a wide variety of file types and encoding types to ensure that we can support as many files as possible. If you are having trouble uploading a file, please don't hesitate to contact us.


File Types

Currently, Gigasheet supports the following file types being added to Gigasheet with up to 1B+ rows and up to 5,000 columns:

  • CSV
  • TSV
  • Parquet
  • Numbers
  • HTML (tables)
  • JSON
  • TXT (with delimiters)
  • EVTX
  • LOG (Zeek, Squid, Apache, Cisco Firewalls, AWS CloudTrail, etc)
  • PCAP (selected fields)
  • SQLite 
  • Flate64
  • ZIP, GZIP, or TAR of any of the above (which are uncompressed for processing and for counting against storage quota)

Save time: zip or gzip any single file above to speed up your uploads! Looking for another file format? Let us know!


Gigasheet supports the following encodings:

  • UTF-8-BOM
  • UTF-16
  • UTF-32
  • IBM852
  • IBM855
  • IBM866
  • ISO-8859-1
  • ISO-8859-2
  • ISO-8859-3
  • ISO-8859-4
  • ISO-8859-5
  • ISO-8859-6
  • ISO-8859-7
  • ISO-8859-8
  • ISO-8859-9
  • ISO-8859-10
  • ISO-8859-13
  • ISO-8859-14
  • ISO-8859-15
  • ISO-8859-16
  • WINDOWS-1250
  • WINDOWS-1251
  • WINDOWS-1252
  • WINDOWS-1253
  • WINDOWS-1254
  • WINDOWS-1255
  • WINDOWS-1256
  • WINDOWS-1257
  • WINDOWS-1258
  • KOI8-R
  • ISO-2022-JP
  • EUC-JP
  • EUC-KR
  • GB18030
  • HZ-GB-2312
  • BIG5

Looking for supported column data types? Check out this article

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