Sharing your Gigasheet upload can allow your team or public access to your data. There are two ways to share your sheets: 

Sharing Sheets Privately or Teams (Login Required)

Gigasheet sheets can be set to allow view-only access to a specific email so that it can be privately shared. Sharing private will not allow anyone access to the link unless they are logged in with the shared email. Use Share Privately when you want to present datasets to a specific audience. 

How to Share Sheets

There are two ways to share your sheet:

1. Share within a sheet by clicking the yellow Share button at the top of your sheet.  

2.  Share from the Library by clicking the three dots next to a sheet and selecting Share from the options.

Once the sharing pop-up appears, add the email address of the user whom you want to share with. Add an optional message, and select invite. If you are sharing with a TEAM, select TEAM. Your team emails are managed by Gigasheet; please email us at to add/remove to team emails. 


Once invited, a new window appears allowing the owner designate which permissions to grant the invitee: the sheet can be set simply to view, or as available to edit. Giving edit rights allows the added user to combine and split columns, delete rows and columns, deduplicate, perform other functions, and save the state of the sheet.  

Note, any invited email will be required to make a Gigasheet account and log in to view the sheet.

Viewing Shared Sheets

To view sheets that have been shared to your Gigasheet account, navigate to your library and select "Shared with me" 

How to Share Folders

You can also share an entire folder, allowing your collaborators to add new sheets as well as work on files in the folder. To share a folder, navigate to Your Library > Select folder to share > Share

Sharing Sheets Publicly (No Login Required)

Gigasheet sheets can be set to allow view-only access to the general public. Anyone with the link will be able to access the sheet, and no Gigasheet authentication is then required to view it. Use Share Publicly when you want to present datasets to an anonymous audience. 

To Share Publicly, click File -> Share, and then toggle to the "Share Publicly" dropdown.  After doing so, toggle the Enable Public Link option. Then, select the "Copy Link" button

The filter and group state are saved, and can be modified there in the public sheet. Anonymous users can likewise pivot on the data as well. The ability to run functions like Arithmetic, Enrichments, and Cross File VLookups, or modify Columns via splits and combines, is not available in the Public view of the sheet.