Gigasheet allows you to export the data in your sheet as a CSV. 


On the free tier, Export is limited to 100 rows. To export the first 100 rows of a dataset, press File -> Export


On the Premium tier, Export will export all columns and rows in the current result set. That is to say, it's all rows matching any filters being applied, and all columns marked as visible. In a sheet with a filter applied that shows this row count:

The export will contain those 183,282 rows. 

If the filter were removed on the same sheet, and the row count looked like this:

The export would contain all 12,095,757 rows. 

For both of these exports, the columns included would be every column marked as visible. Hidden and deleted columns are not part of exports. 

The Exports on Premium are performed the same as on the free tier: Choose File->Export. Large data sets may take several minutes or more to compile. The CSV export will appear in your Library, and you'll receive an email when the file is ready for download.