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Splitting a large CSV file can offer several benefits. It can enhance data processing efficiency by allowing parallel processing across multiple smaller files, optimizing resource utilization and reducing processing time. They are easier to manipulate and analyze, facilitating quicker data exploration and troubleshooting. Gigasheet can help by splitting your large CSV to smaller and more manageable chunks.

Note: This functionality is only available at the Premium plans

How to Split Files

To get started, go to File > Download As > Split File

Step 1: Select the "Split the sheet by" option. Number of Rows will split it by # of rows in the sheet. Number of Files will split the sheet into multiple files (i.e 3 files will divide the current rows in the file by 3)

Step 2: Select the # of Max Amount. This can be either the # of Rows or # of Files. Then select download to download the CSV to your local device.

Step 3: Navigate to your library and download with the blue icon. This is a ZIP file that contains the CSVs.

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