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Looker does not support direct connections to hosted CSV files. However, there are two options to view your Gigasheet data in Looker.

How to get there

Login to Gigasheet > > >

Step 1: Within Google Sheets, employ the IMPORTDATA function to fetch the CSV data from the URL. Enter this in the top left cell of a new sheet.


Step 2: Connect Looker to the Google Sheet as a data source.

Step 3: In Looker Studio, go to Create > Data Source > Google Sheets and select the spreadsheet and worksheet.

Step 4:   Configure any additional options and connect.

Leverage Looker Studio for Direct File Upload:

Step 1: Download your CSV from Gigasheet, and within Looker Studio, upload the CSV file directly.

Step 2: Create a data source based on the uploaded file.

Key Considerations:

  • File Size: Looker has a limitation of 100 MB per data set.
  • File Location: The URL you provide must match the link provided by Gigasheet’s URL for BI & Spreadsheets dialog. Other URLs won’t work.
  • Data Refresh: Gigasheet automatically refreshes the link for continuous updates, and Looker refreshes every 15 minutes.
  • Note that Looker Studio is a separate product with its own support, pricing, and features.

Additional Tips:

  • You can test the Gigasheet URL in a private browser window to verify its accessibility.
  • If encountering issues, consider downloading the CSV locally and importing it from your computer to Looker and/or Google Sheets to test compatibility.

Still having issues? Contact us at support@gigasheet.com

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